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1. arts & culture events

Featured Event:

bicycle music festival

[San Francisco, CA]

Co-founded/co-produced by Studio Ecotopia's SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, the world's largest pedal powered music festival took place annually from 2007 -2015. Bicycle Music Festival was profiled by press outlets as diverse as Treehugger and Scientific American; heralded as "iconic" by NPR, lauded as "the best bike fest" by Outside Magazine, and awarded The City of San Francisco's "Certificate of Honor" for "redefining what a green music festival can be." 


Community-powered through and through, the festival was staged by over 100 volunteers, without the help of corporate sponsors, and powered by the audience via a 30-bike pedal powered sound system. The free, all-ages event consisted of a day venue and a night venue, connected by a performance parade called "LiveOnBike" which featured live performances by bands perched atop a bicycle-drawn stage, playing for a rolling audience of hundreds. Eschewing trucks, all festival equipment was hauled by bike. An open-source idea, BMF's are now found around the world.

Bicycle Music Festival

2. political events

Featured Event:

Youth Climate Strike

(Salt Lake City, UT)

Pedal power gets ink. The professional storytellers of our society - the media - understand that pedal power doesn't only operate on the literal level, it operates on the metaphorical and mythic levels. Simply and elegantly, pedal power communicates a new arrangement of power in society, and the news media loves spinning that in their news cycle.

3. schools

Featured Event:

head royce academy

[OAkland, CA]

Studio Ecotopia presented a sustainability assembly at Head Royce Academy in Oakland, CA bringing out a 7-person whup band, and an 8-bike pedal powered sound system. Celebrating community power, physical health, and eco-literacy, the assembly concluded when dozens of dance students joined SHAKE YOUR PEACE! for our trademark step dance routine (see video in the gallery).

4. business

Featured Event:

autodesk Design Night
[san francisco, CA]

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