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ecotopian make/belief

Studio Ecotopia is an eco-production company based in Hopewell, NJ (formerly based in Salt Lake City, Utah). Our goal is to create, and to help others create, cultural celebrations that are imbued with an inclusive, eco-conscious, future-looking, and participatory vibe.

We empower audience members to whimsically dramatize "ecotopia" in realtime through immersive concerts and hands-on activities. We help transform events from sources of amusement, into sources of "aha moments," and transform audience members from passive observers into stoked co-creators.

We are the home base of bands such as the experimental musical theater company SHAKE YOUR PEACE! and The Whupestra (a Broader Impacts Partner of the National Science Foundation), and its flagship theater production: "Ecotopia Now!" - a world changing eco-literacy presentation for Utah's high schools and colleges.

We also provide green event services such as bicycle-powered sound systems.

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