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  • whisper-quiet (no rumbling motor sound to hide over the hill)
  • zero emissions on site (no fumes to waft over your guests)
  • long-lasting (can keep a thousand-person concert rocking for 24 hours straight)
unlike a gas generator, our battery power is:
battery Power

off-grid concerts

Battery power is particularly well suited for aesthetically sensitive off-grid events such as: weddings, intimate concerts, and off-grid recording sessions.


Here's an example of one of our favorite events that we've produced in this category. All audio was recorded on-site.

large off-grid events

Large off-grid events can be accomplished with battery power. Here are a couple of DIY handheld videos that take you for a tour of what's possible.


amplify in-motion

When you strap a speaker to an Xtracycle or bike trailer, then pair it with battery power, it's easy to amplify in-motion at parades, protest marches, and bike parties.

instant sound

A battery-powered speaker strapped to a bike is also a great solution for events that need to begin amplifying their content immediately, without fussing around with a lengthy set up. For example this un-permitted protest put on by Occupy the Farm in front of UC Berkeley's California Hall.

UC Berkeley Occupy the Farm Studio Ecotopia
Studio Ecotopia at UC Berkeley Occupy the Farm demonstration
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