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2004 - Present

As a professional touring musician, songwriter, bandleader, storyteller, and originator of "whup music," I inspire diverse audiences to dance to messages of eco & social justice.

SHAKE YOUR PEACE! is my own musical and storytelling act which doubles as an outlet for my environmental and social justice activism. Exploring the question: “how would a rock band tour in ecotopia?” we've toured extensively by bicycle and on foot (3 walking tours, and 6 bike tours, and counting), carrying all of our musical equipment with human power.

We've performed in venues ranging from thousand-person capacity rock clubs in San Francisco, to red rock outcroppings in Southern Utah - far from a power outlet, to school sustainability assemblies like this one at Head Royce in Oakland, CA:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018 I completed an album entitled “Whup Music” that features a new hybrid style of music called “whup” which I developed over the previous decade.

Whup melds: Afro-Latin and Caribbean rhythms, bluegrass fiddling, gospel choir, marching band percussion, and ecotopian perspectives. You can listen to whup music by clicking the play button below:

I was honored to be featured in an episode of Velovisionaries that explored my thoughts about the songs on the album "Whup Music" and the quest for ecotopia.

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